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Three New Groundbreaking DynaRig Projects 


Having proven itself as the most efficient, safe, dependable sailing system for large vessels, Southern Spars has continued to develop the DynaRig both for superyachts, as well as for the sustainable commercial shipping market.  


Delivered with fantastic results on Dykstra Naval Architects-designed superyachts like Maltese Falcon and Black Pearl, the state-of-the-art sailing system, which features free standing, rotating masts and fully automated sail handling has attracted attention from around the maritime world.   


Southern Spars is now delighted to announce that production is underway for three new projects in our dedicated DynaRig manufacturing facility in Poland.  


Southern Spars’ state-of-the-art facility in Poland.
Southern Spars’ state-of-the-art facility in Poland.

The Projects 


One of the new vessels will join an exclusive club of DynaRig-equipped superyachts. A very large DynaRig package is being produced for a landmark launch in the coming years, representing a significant evolution from the existing fleet of DynaRig superyachts. 


Excitingly, the second project is a breakthrough undertaking from Southern Spars’ sister company North Windships, which is dedicated to harnessing our expertise and facilities for a more sustainable future in commercial shipping. Powered primarily by sail, this project is forecast to achieve breakthrough sustainability targets, acting as a springboard for North Windships’ long-term mission and as a blueprint for a brighter future for green shipping. 


The third is a project that will see DynaRig stepped for the very first time on a catamaran. Starting construction imminently at Echo Yachts, Australia, the project, which includes design from Dykstra Naval Architects and One2Three Naval Architects, is for an aluminium catamaran which at 57m, will be the world’s largest sailing catamaran when launched. 


Example illustration of DynaRig system 
Example illustration of DynaRig system 

Why DynaRig?  


The DynaRig has proven revolutionary for superyacht owners who are looking to simplify operations, maximise sailing time, and reach new heights in efficiency and sustainability. For instance, launched in 2016, Black Pearl’s 2,900 square metres of sails can be set by a single crew member, at the push of a button, in just 7 minutes. This unique simplicity is combined with all-round performance – Black Pearl is capable of 30knots, with precise control and operable across a much larger range of polars when compared to traditional sailing systems.  

Black Pearl
Black Pearl Photo: Tom van Oossanen / Oceaco.

Integrated load monitoring contributes to close control, optimising sailing and resulting in a reduced maintenance programme. Since its launch in 2005/6, DynaRig-equipped Maltese Falcon has sailed close to 200,000 nm with little requirement for maintenance on its rigs, and most of its hardware has remained untouched.  


Many of the same benefits are proving attractive for the sustainable shipping market. With a proven track record as a reliable propulsion system for large vessels, DynaRig allows operators to streamline personnel, ensure safety, and maintain deck space for cargo and carrying out work onboard. DynaRig’s low maintenance requirement also allows operators to reduce costs and eliminate downtime, while delivering on ambitious sustainability commitments.   


With production well underway in Poland, it is an exciting time for Southern Spars and North Windships. Watch this space for more details soon on the next generation of DynaRig-powered vessels.  


Working on a pioneering wind-powered project? Or have questions about our all-round performing, reliable sailing systems?  




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