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By combining, Dykstra Naval Architects designs with our expertise in DynaRigs, and SailCargo's shipbuilding mastery. Veer gives rise to its innovative vision: create a series of fast container vessels propelled primarily by wind and the use of green hydrogen fuel cells. 


The Manta project aims to create an innovative type of vessel to fight ocean pollution by collecting, treating and disposing of waste found at sea. This ship will be fitted with a hybrid propulsion system, combining automated rigging from the DynaRig model with electric motors in order to maintain zero emissions.



Ecoliner is an easy-to-operate container ship equipped with a hybrid propulsion system: in addition to sails, a propeller is also installed. This project aims to provide a greener way of transporting goods, offering significant fuel savings compared to ships currently on the market.  

Aerodynamic studies of the Neoliner 136m duplex rig, 2019

North Windships carried out a preliminary study for the Neoline project. This involved a detailed investigation of the drag of the aero part of the ship, minimalist aero rigging and matrices, as well as a preliminary load study in order to assess feasibility.

neoline higher
Martina-PhD copy_edited.jpg

Research: Wind Propulsion Systems for Commercial Ships

North Windships is supporting Martina Reche Villanova in her PhD project which assesses wind propulsion technologies for the commercial shipping market.

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