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By combining our expertise in DynaRigs with SailCargo shipbuilding mastery, Veer gives rise to its innovative vision.

Project name


Launch date

Estimated 2024

Carrying capacity

160 TEU



Veer is a Bahamian registered company founded by Danielle Doggett, who was recognized as one of the most influential women of the century by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. The company aims to provide the first fleet of 100% clean, ocean-going container vessels.

Together, Dykstra Naval Architects team and Brookes Bell's management team are bringing the project to fruition. Most recently, Veer has received support from leading cosmetics and sustainability company LUSH, who are interested in becoming a future client of the company. As a result, last October, Veer received the Approval In Principle from the American Bureau of Shipping for this project. 

This fleet will consist of 100m long container ships with a modular design and a long lifespan. These vessels will be designed to carry 160 TEU. Dykstra Naval Architects plans to incorporate a modern streamlined hull along with 3 large sails. According to the company, the vessel will able to maintain a speed of 18 knots making it fast and reliable to build commercial cargo opportunities. The vessel will  have a range of 1,200 nautical miles. 

These sails will be DynaRig sails, designed and built by Southern Spars, and will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The Veer team has chosen the DynaRig system, since it is a proven technology, that is capable of powering the ship by wind power only. This technology is easy to use as it can be operated simply by a single person, and still provide an efficient, safe and reliable solution. To complete this and offer 100% clean ships, Veer plans to install green hydrogen fuel cell engines. This fleet of ships will therefore be fast, ecological and cost-competitive.

The use of the DynaRigs system, coupled with the installation of the green hydrogen fuel cell engine has many advantages for Veer. In addition to eliminating CO2 emissions, it allows the transport of any type of explosive material or liquid in a much safer way. In addition, this fleet could even qualify for DNV "Silent Class and ICES209" certification, as these technologies drastically reduce noise and do not disturb the various ecosystems in the water.

Veer has also decided to install DynaRigs so that they can use them to load and unload their containers. Indeed, the 3 masts can be used as cranes to move the cargo on and off the vessel.


Finally, in the near future, Veer has many projects and milestones. Indeed, the company aims to have selected a yard by the end of this year (2022). Their plan is to begin shipping with two vessels by the end of 2024. They also reported that they will build six vessels for their initial fleet, for now.

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